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New Funding Opportunity: Expanding TRIPODS through Partnerships (XTRIPODS)

A new NSF solicitation (NSF 23-591) is now available:

Expanding TRIPODS through Partnerships (XTRIPODS)
The XTRIPODS program aims to support the continued growth of a broad and diverse interdisciplinary research community for the advancement of data science, providing a unique opportunity to broadly promote the NSF vision and core values, especially inclusion and collaboration. This program will broaden participation in data science research, education, and workforce development by supporting partnerships between the current TRIPODS Phase II Institutes and Institutions of Higher Education that do not traditionally receive significant amounts of NSF funding. Only institutions that are not classified as Carnegie Research 1 (R1) universities are eligible. Non-R1 Minority-Serving Institutions, women’s colleges, and institutions that primarily serve persons with disabilities, as well as Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions, are especially encouraged to apply.

The first application window is August 2 to August 23, 2023.

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